56 State Quarters Coin Set

coin setThe State Quarter series is one of the most popular coin sets issued by the US government in recent history. So popular was the State Quarters coin set that 6 US territories were added. Now the government is issuing similar quarters for all of our National Parks. If you haven’t added the State Quarters to your coin collection now is the time to do so.

The Patriotic Mint if offering all 56 State Quarters in one coin set. These State Quarters are in mint, uncirculated condition and come in a beautiful display box. Every coin also comes in an individual protective case. Each coin is rich in state specific imagery like state flags, state flowers, and state landmarks. These are the defining coins of our era and no collection is complete without them. When minting stops they will be much harder to come by (and minting will stop very soon) so make sure to lock down a set of these coins today.

This coin set makes a great gift for kids or those just starting on their collection. These coins are unique yet highly recognizable and you certainly get many coins for your money! Order today before these coins become a relic of a bygone era! We could have a 51st state any day now.

Sports Coins

collectible coinAlthough coins traditionally honor our historical and political legacy they can also be reflections on who we are; such is the case with collectible coins that honor sporting events and other cultural happenings. They may mark a certain game or a team’s victory but they are about what our culture does for recreation. They also make great collectible items for fans of sports and coin collecting.

If you think that your collection would benefit from such coins you should consider adding the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions Silver Medallion. This silver coin commemorates the winning of the Stanley Cup by the LA Kings for the first time in the franchise’s history. The victory was a huge cultural event and one worth remembering in coinage.

Collectible coins exist for all sort of sporting events and sports figures. You can get a North Carolina quarter honoring Dale Earnhardt, a Joe DiMaggio or Babe Ruth colorized quarter or a gold plated Car Ripken, Jr. state quarter. These coins can bring some variety into traditional coin collections and are fun to have and display.

Keep your eyes open for Olympic 2012 coins coming out of England because they are probably being minted as we speak! I wonder what sports they will be commemorating?

Honoring Presidents Past and Present

colorized coinNow that election season has really started to heat up, we are hearing a lot of talk in the news about the American presidency. Not just our current nominees Romney and President Obama, but also presidents past like Adams, Reagan and JFK. Why not pay homage to our nation’s highest office with some presidential dollar coins and other presidential coinage?

If modern politics are your forte I would suggest the Barack Obama dollar coin. This colorized coin features Obama on the front and Lady Liberty on the reverse. Regardless of your political affiliations you can appreciate the historic significance of our nation’s first president of color. The coin is available as a standalone item or in a decorative plastic paperweight that also features the white house.

If today’s political environment is a bit too acerbic for your taste you can always get a coin set to honor our earlier leaders. The 24k Gold Plated Presidential Coin Collection features Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison. It also comes with an elegant display case. Politics aside I am sure we can all agree that Washington was one of our nation’s great leaders.

So take this time before our impending presidential election to beef up your collection of presidential coinage.

Euro or No Euro?

coin setThe Euro was heralded as one of the greatest achievements in modern monetary policy when it was first issued in 2002. In recent years it has been plagued by financial trouble so it’s future is uncertain. Many nations that were slated to join the Euro Union are having second thoughts, though it’s anyone’s guess whether they will commit to the Euro or not.

The No Euro coin set represents three such nations England, Sweden and Denmark. This collectible coin set offers offer non-Euro coins from European nations that are not yet part of the Euro Zone. They mark and interesting and turbulent time in European history. These nations are now having serious doubts about the Euro, but will they overcome them for unity’s sake? Only time will tell. Either way these coins mark this fascinating transition period and my very well go out of circulation soon.

For a collector of coins the Euro marks one of the most complex and rich events in recent history. It ushered in a whole new set of currency while marking the end of some of oldest monetary units in the world. It is a noble experiment that we are watching unfold before our very eyes. Pay homage to it with a coin set.

Wear Your Hobby on your Sleeve

collectible coin If you are a fan of coin collecting you should let the world know. How? With some collectible coin jewelry. These items look great and are a fun way to let the world know a little bit more about you. They feature a number of breathtaking coinage expertly imbued into jewelry.

Residents of New York state are sure to appreciate the New York State Quarter Pin. This pin features the Empire State’s own quarter plated in 24k gold. It is set on a ribbon printed with the stars and stripes.  It’s a great way to show some state and national pride. The New York State quarter is one of the most popular and dramatic state quarters. It features the Empire State building and an outline of the state of New York.

For the animal lover and coin collector there is the Isle of Man 24k Cat Coin on a 14K Pendant. This wonderful piece features two cats playfully jostling on the coin. The pendant itself is elegantly shaped and serves as a great frame for the coin. Although this is a great gift for fans of coin collecting, anyone who loves fine jewelry will like it. Combine your love of coins with your love of fashion today!

Memorial Day Coins

coin collectingWith Memorial Day being this Monday many people are already planning their BBQs and unpacking their shorts. Although Memorial Day is the official kick off to summer, it is also a time for us to honor our nation’s veterans. That is why the Patriotic Mint is proud to offer a number of coins that honor the different branches of our armed services.

The Marines Silver Dollar coin is on the most popular Memorial Day selections. It marks the 230th anniversary of the Marine Corps. It features the Marine Corps emblem on one side and the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima on the other side. It is cast in sterling silver and is a must have for coin collecting enthusiasts and military memorabilia collectors alike.

Another option is the Disabled Veterans Commemorative Dollar. This collectible coin was minted to honor our veterans who are returning home with battle wounds. It features 3 veterans on one side and a poetic quote on the reverse. It is 1.5-inches and just under 27 grams so it has a good visual appeal and a nice feel. This is another coin prized by both military and coin collectors.

Make sure to add some Memorial Day themed coins to your collection!

European Coin Set: A Bridge From Past to Present

coin setEurope’s decision to switch from a diverse collection of currencies to the Euro was one the biggest monetary policy decisions of the decade. It marked a massive transition toward unity in Europe and the culmination of over 100 years of work. Unfortunately the Euro of today is suffering from some problems, but with any luck it will recover soon.

You can celebrate not only the Euro but the diverse collection of coinage that preceded it with the Complete Euro Coin Collection coin set. The set features 12 Euro coins and 12 coins of original European currency from nations like Italy, Greece, Finland and Spain. No coin set better encompasses Europe; it has one foot in the old world and one in the new. It is very much a product of the world we live in today. You should act now because original European currency is quickly being removed from circulation.

This set makes a great gift to coin collectors or kids who are studying European history. The set comes in a case that includes a colorized European money map and a pamphlet about the different currencies in use prior to the Euro. It’s a great reference to have on hand and is great fun to display.

Boy Scout Coin

collectible coinFormer and current boy and girl scouts will probably already know that the Boy Scouts of America recently celebrated its hundredth anniversary, making it America’s oldest youth organization. To celebrate, the Patriotic Mint is releasing a commemorative silver dollar collectible coin. It weighs 26.73 grams and is composed of 90% silver. This coin’s large size makes it ideal for display on a mantle or wall and a great addition to any collection.

The coin features 3 scouts, 2 boys and 1 girl, of various ages saluting on one side. They are wearing traditional scouting uniforms. On the reverse it features the American eagle imposed over the fleur de lis, the symbol of the Boy Scouts and youth scouting organization worldwide. This coin makes a great gift to any former or current scouts and is just a great piece of Americana.

The boy and girl scouts of America have remained largely unchanged in the public imagination since their inception. They are still synonymous with independence, leadership, and helping the community. They are still an intricate part of the fiber of America and this coin celebrates that. Is there anything more American than seeing a troupe of smiling scouts walking down the street? Order your collectible coin today because the 150th anniversary will be here before you know!

Learning From Coin Collecting

coin collectingCoin collecting is such a popular hobby because it appeals to so many interests. People collect coins to learn about the nations and civilizations that used them. Other people collect coins strictly for their aesthetic values and rare or interesting metals. Still others collect coins simply because they like the hobby of collecting and organizing things. Regardless of why someone chooses to collect coins they will defiantly learn a lot.

Generally speaking, for a young person, coin collecting engenders helpful skills. Staying organized, having a goal and meeting it, doing research and being wise with your capital. These are all things that coin collecting stresses. It is certainly better than being in front of the TV all day.

Each coin is a tiny lesson unto itself. When and where was it produced? Under what economic conditions? What metals were used? They does it have a given design on it and so forth. Each coin is a mystery for the eager young mind to solve. Coin collecting boosts concentration and problem solving skills, great assets to have for getting ahead.

Getting someone started is as easy as buying them a few coin sets that are in line with their current interests. If they are an artists try to start then with some colored coins. If they are into US history there are a number of fascinating quarters and half dollars. You will be so proud when you see how much their collection has grown since you last some them.

The End of Coins?

collectible coinsLast week we discussed the potential implications of ending the minting of pennies. Canada is slated to print it’s lasts run of pennies this year. Maybe the US will follow soon after? Make sure to stock up on collectible coins, namely pennies, just in case. But pennies are not the only coins at risk. Did you know it costs 11 cents to make a nickel? Some people are calling for a modernized currency system that is free of all coinage. Many fear inflation will render all coins worthless in the coming years.

Countries like Denmark and Sweden have already made plans to start phasing out all physical currency for electric systems. Collectors of coins may find that they are not only giving their fabulous collection to their grandchildren, they are also explaining to them what a coin is.

If this happens, and some argue that is not a matter of if but of when, it will surely change the world of coin collecting. Will more people take up the hobby with coins becoming scarce? Will others give it up because they fear it is irrelevant? It’s unclear but certain these recent decisions around the world are sure to impact the international community of coin collectors. Make sure to stock up on collectible coins today, who knows if coins will be around tomorrow?