56 State Quarters Coin Set

coin setThe State Quarter series is one of the most popular coin sets issued by the US government in recent history. So popular was the State Quarters coin set that 6 US territories were added. Now the government is issuing similar quarters for all of our National Parks. If you haven’t added the State Quarters to your coin collection now is the time to do so.

The Patriotic Mint if offering all 56 State Quarters in one coin set. These State Quarters are in mint, uncirculated condition and come in a beautiful display box. Every coin also comes in an individual protective case. Each coin is rich in state specific imagery like state flags, state flowers, and state landmarks. These are the defining coins of our era and no collection is complete without them. When minting stops they will be much harder to come by (and minting will stop very soon) so make sure to lock down a set of these coins today.

This coin set makes a great gift for kids or those just starting on their collection. These coins are unique yet highly recognizable and you certainly get many coins for your money! Order today before these coins become a relic of a bygone era! We could have a 51st state any day now.

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